b"LifestyleDesigned to Thrive ConceptAs the gateway to Diamond Head, Kuilei Place is conveniently located outside of the hustle and bustle of Downtown yet still centrally situated within the city. By offering a residential community adjacent to Kaimuk, Waialae Avenue, Kapahulu, and Kapiolani Park at an attainable price point, we're chartinga new path forward for residents who want access to familiar places.In partnership with local architecture firm Design Partners Incorporated,Kuilei Place is defined by intentional features and amenities. Considerable attention was given to ensuring easy access to wellness areas, meaning findinga quiet space to lay down a yoga mat with friends couldnt be easier. With thehelp of renowned design firm Philpotts Interiors, we bring life to common areas,creating a contemporary aesthetic that feels both polished and approachable.Constructed of multiple elements that combine to create a greaterwhole, Kuilei Place includes original art installations and abundant native landscaping, creating a space thats purposeful, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing. Designed to enhance the lives of kamaina residents, Kuilei Place represents a fresh approach to residential development.Under the slopes of Lahi, nearby Kapiolani Park plays host to morning yoga sessions, afternoon soccer games, and weekend barbecues.18 19"