All affordable applications submitted by the April 16 lottery deadline were randomly drawn in the Kuilei Place Affordable Lottery, which was live streamed on July 17. Find results of the lottery below:

Enter your Application Number:

Please note that the Property Selection Number (PSN) determines the unit selection number and is solely determined by HHFDC. The PSN is based on the following information:

• Approved Application
• Priority Group
• Approved Preferences, if any
• Applicant’s Drawing (Lottery) Number

Please be aware that all applications were included in the lottery and have been assigned a Drawing (Lottery) Number. If you have received a disapproval letter from HHFDC, your application number will be removed prior to the PSN process. If you have received a disapproval from HHFDC and are appealing that decision, you will be notified of a final decision by HHFDC prior to the PSN numbers being distributed.