The Perfect Day at Kuilei Place

Conveniently located next to an array of attractions, beaches, restaurants, and neighborhoods, Kuilei Place makes it easy to enjoy the best of Honolulu. To highlight what a perfect Saturday could look like, we’ve dreamed up an imaginary itinerary that sees you and your ‘ohana thriving in your new home.

Making Plans for a Magical Morning
6:15 a.m.: The sun fills your bedroom, welcoming you to a Saturday morning. Suddenly you remember there’s supposed to be a south swell arriving, making conditions perfect to take your son surfing. Quietly, so as not to disturb your sleeping wife and daughter, you wake him up. “Mornin, bud. Wanna go surf?” Without a moment’s hesitation, he’s out of bed and grabbing his trunks. Swiftly, you gather your boards, towels, and write mom a note, promising to return by 10 with coffee and scones.

Malasadas by the Beach
7:00 am: Heading out the door, you’ve got one more stop before making your way to the lineup, and that’s Leanord’s Bakery for malasadas. Miraculously, you’re in and out of the line with fresh, fluffy, sugar-coated deliciousness in tow in just a few minutes. With Kalapana playing over your car’s radio as you drive to the beach, the two of you dig in with delight.

Sunrise Surf Sessions
7:30 a.m.: There’s something deeply nostalgic about taking your son surfing in Waikīkī. After all, it’s where your father taught you and his father taught him. And with the gentle swell filling the ocean with playful peaks, you can’t help but smile as you know you’re both in for one of life’s greatest joys, surfing with your best friend. For the next two hours, you push your son into wave after wave, his face lighting up as he glides across the clear water. Finally, after logging 20-plus rides, the two of you make your way back to the car, exhausted but beaming.

Coffee and Pastries from Your New Favorite Cafè
9:30 a.m.: From your parking spot at Kapi‘olani Park, it only takes a moment to walk to your next destination, ARS Cafè, located on Monsarrat Avenue. You slip in and greet the baristas with a smile. Since moving to Kuilei Place, this cafè has become a go-to destination for the family for weekend breakfast. You order your coffee and a few pastries, along with another coffee to go for your wife and a handful of scones for the family.

A Moment of Gratitude
9:46 a.m.: Each time you make the short drive from the beach to home, you remind yourself of just how much you love living in this neighborhood. Everything feels within reach. Pulling into the porte-cochere, you can’t help but reflect on how much more convenient life feels at Kuilei Place. Inside your new two-bedroom home, you find your wife and daughter comfortably watching cartoons, eagerly anticipating the fresh pastries and hot cappuccino.

‘Ohana Time’
10:30 a.m. to noon: For the next few hours, the family enjoys another one of life’s great pleasures, leisurely talking story and simply spending time with one another. Over the last raspberry scone, your son recounts his favorite ride from the morning in vivid detail. It’s clear that living this close to the beach has sparked a newfound love of the ocean in him. But next time, he says, he wants to take his sister. Mom agrees and it’s settled: The next session will include the whole family.

Soccer at Kapi‘olani Park
1 p.m. to 3 p.m.: For the second year in a row, your wife is volunteering as the assistant coach on your daughter’s soccer team. Having Kapi‘olani Park located a stone’s throw from your new home makes it easy to get to and from practice. And even more conveniently, this Saturday’s game will be held at the park. With keiki all about, you cheer on the family team, noticing a few neighbors have children on the opposing side. Shakas are thrown all around. After the game, it turns out the other team brought lunch from Pioneer Saloon for everyone, even the refs.

Boy Meets Grill
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.: As the afternoon progresses, the family opts to spend the rest of the day in a pool-side cabana. While your daughter plays in the shallow end, your wife dives into her favorite book and you and your son man the grill, crafting weekend burgers in what can only be described as a picture-perfect afternoon. Two hours and a few absolutely delicious teri burgers later, you make the short walk back to your residence. Exhausted, the kids get cleaned up and ready for bed while you dream up plans for an impromptu late-night dinner date.

Dinner in Kaimukī
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.: Luckily, you’re able to get a reservation at your new favorite date-night restaurant, Mud Hen Water. Located in Kaimukī, the space is forever lively and full of laughter. Chef Ed Kenney’s locally sourced and inspired menu always delivers a delicious experience. After noshing on their celebrated fried chicken and long rice croquettes, you decided to take dessert to go. As you get ready for the five-minute car ride back home, you both can’t help but remark on what a beautiful evening it is. Overhead, the moon seems to glow especially bright.

Dessert with a View
10 p.m. to 11 p.m.: Back at Kuilei Place, a friendly staff member informs you that one of the private dining rooms overlooking Lē‘ahi is open. You both smile and decide to enjoy your dessert with a captivating view of the night sky. For the next hour, while the keiki sleep, you laugh, reminisce, and reflect on your day. Since you’ve moved into Kuilei Place you’ve had extra time to connect. You’re now able to not only enjoy all the offerings of the nearby communities and beaches, but also spend more time together. It’s true what they said, you think to yourself–this really feels like elevated Kamaʻāina living.