Inside Kuilei Place – An Interview with Kuilei Place’s Kai Brown

On a sunny summer afternoon, we sat down with Kai Brown, Director of Sales for Kuilei Place, to reflect on the residence’s six-month milestone. From sustainability initiatives to the creative clubrooms to the dynamic community, Kai shares what makes Kuilei Place so special in this exclusive interview.

Kuilei Place made its debut almost six months ago. What’s been the most consistent question you’re asked?

We received a tremendous amount of interest from the moment we launched. From seminars to application deadlines, the public interest has been overwhelming. One common question we hear from the public and other agents is, “Do you still have units left?” And the answer is yes! Even though we’ve begun signing contracts, it’s not too late. For affordable units, we’re still accepting applications on a first-come first-served basis. For market units, we’re taking an interest list for our highly anticipated unrestricted release.

What do you think has led to Kuilei Place receiving so much interest?

Kobayashi Group was committed from the very beginning to lead by example. They want to always offer the best in class, no matter the project. And that really shines through at Kuilei Place. People can see the quality, the way we’ve all worked together with the goal of making something truly amazing. The thoughtfulness behind every decision is evident. From the design of the building to the unique amenities and sustainability features, people see the details that went into bringing this project to life and I think that really resonates with the community.

Is there a specific element or feature of the building that has really stood out to buyers and the public?

That would have to be the collection of clubrooms that Philpotts Interiors designed. These spaces have been a huge hit. Even our sales team was blown away by the renderings when we first saw them. The design of these one-of-a kind rooms exceeded expectations. It’s amazing to have such generous and inviting spaces dedicated for residents to entertain and spend time with friends and family. Philpotts really outdid themselves. Additionally, the convenience of having parking on the same level as your residence, where you can simply drive up and park right outside your unit, has been a well-received feature. People appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it and the way it enhances their overall living experience. The sustainability aspect of the building, including the centralized solar water heating system and the greywater treatment system, has also impressed a lot of people.


For those who are unfamiliar with how the building approaches water conservation, can you discuss that a bit more?

It’s a technology that has been around for a long time and has been widely used in other places, but Kobayashi Group is the first to bring it to Hawaiʻi. Essentially, the system is designed to efficiently treat and reuse greywater, effectively reducing the strain on our island’s resources. It’s a significant achievement that aligns with the global shift towards responsible and eco-friendly practices. In fact, we’ve estimated that the greywater system alone will save around 11 million gallons of water per year. It’s a testament to Kobayashi Group’s commitment to creating a sustainable and forward-thinking community.

What are some of the benefits of buying at Kuilei Place?

I think what makes Kuilei Place so special is that we offer a truly exceptional living experience, outstanding quality, and a location that can’t be replicated. And by becoming a homeowner, you’re investing in your own future, building equity, and increasing your net worth. All of this and you’re not paying someone else’s mortgage as a renter. Overlooking Diamond Head, Kuilei Place is special; there’s really nothing else to compare it to… the location, the amenities, the community, the kamaʻāina development team, it’s going to be an exceptional residence.

And for those who are just now entering the market, what would you want to say to prospective buyers?

We’ve entered into a really exciting time in the sales process. We’re preparing for the highly anticipated market unit release, which opens up Kuilei Place to owner-occupants and investors. This new phase is scheduled to begin in August, so I would encourage anyone interested to register online for the latest updates or to come by the Sales Gallery at Ala Moana Center for a tour of this very special property. Our Sales Team loves to show off this project!