Kuilei Place clubroom
Kuilei Place clubroom
Kuilei Place clubroom
Kuilei Place clubroom lounge
Kuilei Place clubroom

Create Cherished, Lasting Memories at Kuilei Place

Alana Kobayashi

“I’m most happy when I’m grateful. And I love nothing more than for residents of Kuilei Place to feel that happiness and gratitude for the memories they are creating with their family and friends.”

Alana Kobayashi Pakkala
Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of the Kobayashi Group

One of the greatest, most powerful joys in life are the memories we create.

For many of us, our most treasured memories are those shared with our loved ones. A friend’s milestone birthday party, a girl’s or guy’s night out, a family reunion or even a simple pau hana get-together brings an unparalleled sense of happiness.

Yet with many of us leading increasingly busier lives, it is not always easy to find moments to spend time making memories with our nearest and dearest.

As a full-time working Mom, Alana Kobayashi Pakkala knows first-hand what it’s like to balance the responsibilities of life with the desire to spend more cherished moments with her family.

Since making the decision to move from a single-family home to a condominium, Alana has found that she and her family have more time to spend creating new memories with each other.

“When we transitioned back into living in condos, I had so much more free time!” Alana says. “Those minutes I would have spent working in the yard, cleaning the house or taking out the trash I now have back – to spend having fun with my kids at the pool, going for a walk with my husband or taking the dogs to the park.”

When considering the design of shared amenities at Kuilei Place, it was crucial that they provide freedom for residents to spend more quality time with their families and friends.

Alana and the team at Kobayashi Group enlisted the talent and trusted expertise of award-winning design firm, Philpotts Interiors.

According to Partner Holly Boling Ruiz and Designer Britney Gildea, clubrooms are – first and foremost – extensions of the home. “These are environments for the residents to play, to connect with others and to celebrate,” Holly says. “When designing the interiors, our goal was to inspire joy from the moment a person stepped into the space.”

This led to the creation of seven unique, state-of-the-art clubrooms and private dining rooms, available to all residents in the Kuilei Place community. Boasting top-of-the-line kitchen and dining furnishings and appliances, with natural Hawaiian color palettes and accents, each space has been thoughtfully designed to give residents an elevated dining and lounging experience.

These carefully-curated spaces occupy some of the most sought-after real estate on the property. Yet, instead of selling it to clients at premium price points, these units have been consciously planned into community life at Kuilei Place. This includes two luxury penthouse private dining rooms that feature breathtaking unobstructed views of Oʻahu’s crowning glory, Diamond Head.

“Diamond Head is part of our community’s identity and we wanted to give it back to them,” says Alana. “By having these shared spaces, these epic views can be enjoyed by neighbors, friends and family, because they are a part of their home!”

For the five ground-floor clubrooms, one of their most outstanding qualities is that each has a completely different theme and vibe. Here’s a little ‘peek behind the curtain’ of these special spaces:

A Cozy Gathering

Warm, mood lighting. Plush, velvet sofas. Gorgeous wood textures. This speak-easy style lounge with a bar is perfect for cocktails with friends, intimate celebrations or cozy gatherings.

Kuilei Place clubroom

Your Personal Theater

Equipped with ultra-modern wide-screen TV, state-of-the-art sound system and deluxe seating, it is the ultimate setting for a movie-and-popcorn night with friends, catching the latest football game and even a potluck dinner.

Kuilei Place clubroom lounge

From Mahjong to Lei Making

This light, bright and airy space hosts several sleek 4-top tables and a wet bar – ideal for a fun afternoon of mahjong, bridge, or even a special lei-making event.

Kuilei Place clubroom

Birthday Parties, Family Reunions and Beyond

This sun-drenched spacious room features floor-to-ceiling glass windows, embellished with artistic lighting fixtures, full kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining options and stunning views of the resort-style pool. This space is perfect for a birthday party, family reunion or other milestone event.

Kuilei Place clubroom
Kuilei Place clubroom

Wine, Dine and Relax

Complete with a kitchen, ample lounge space and indoor or outdoor dining, this is the optimal space for a mid-sized gathering of family and friends for a formal meal, celebration or to simply chill with friends!

Kuilei Place clubroom

For Alana, Philpotts Interiors and the Kuilei Place community, these clubrooms are not only spaces to entertain, dine and relax – they are warm, welcoming environments where residents can create meaningful, life-long memories with their loved ones.

“For our residents to seamlessly and effortlessly create lasting memories with their loved ones without leaving the property,” says Alana, “is the greatest gift we can give.”